Eye Of The Storm

Bonjour Soul Stretcher!

Hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes oh my! Oh, wait … eclipses, retrogrades, and asteroids? OH MY! North Korea missiles, Title Nine, and DOCA … fu*k.

Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire is playing in my head as I type this letter. We are in the eye of the storm. Collectively, we have packed a lifetime of events into one every couple of weeks. I don’t know about you, but I am finding myself cycling between frustration, indifference, compassion, fear, and helplessness. I am pulling on my tools more than ever. I've noticed that my internal state is leaking into my life, relationships, and my levels, or lack thereof, of creativity.

In our Asker community, I’ve received letters asking how to cope with emotions that are being triggered by external and uncontrollable factors. I often teach my clients the difference between reacting versus responding.

When you have a myriad of balls flying about, it feels impossible to be in pursuit of radical self-love and happiness. It becomes imperative that you pursue pleasure in times of chaos. Recalibrate your emotional barometer so that you can step back into the storm stronger and more whole.

Whether you are dealing with relationship or health stressors or feeling the pull of our chaotic collective consciousness spinning around you - come back to your center.

You have the power to choose if you are going to react or respond to the events taking place around you. If you're finding that you are reacting rather than responding, I guarantee that you are coming from a place of fear. If you are responding, you're more likely feeling balanced in your emotional, spiritual, and physical realms.

Our egos love to sabotage our light. You have to be what I call a Thought Watcher. Be selective of the thoughts you let in. Thoughts aren't facts...they're merely suggestions. You don't have to believe them! So, choose your thoughts like you would a radio station. Don't like the song? Change the station and listen to something that makes you feel good! ☺️

Love + Light

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