Labor Of Love

It's time to pack up your white outfits because any minute the leaves are going to turn and drop. I hate to break it to you, but summer's officially over, annnnnndChristmas is right around the corner. I know, right? Kind of makes my stomach churn. There's so much to do, yet it feels like there is so little time!

I would like to help reel you back in from that startling eye-opener, and remind you that just because summer is coming to a close, it doesn't mean the fun and play has to end!

Today's idea, Labor of Love, is about pausing to recalibrate your year-end objectives with loving attention. 

In January, I asked you to set your intentions for the year, rather than making resolutions (episode featured below). As the seasons shift and cooler weather sets in, I would like for you to take a journey with me, and go inwards with intention. 

In the summertime, we sport our shorts and bathing suits on the regular. We have a love affair with the sun, shoulders get a tan and noses get burned. Half naked at night, we sip ice filled concoctions on patios. We flirt with warm breezes and dance with lakes, pools, and the sea. We beckon the elements to play a vital role in our summer experience. Insta has a plethora of girls on unicorn floaties to prove it! 

In the fall we fold up our bikinis, and swap out Mojitos for spiced pumpkin lattes. Linen turns to cashmere, and flip flops get tossed for warm boots. Psychologically and physically we are preparing for winter's arrival. 

With 81 days until Thanksgiving, and 113 day's until Christmas, respectively, how do you harness time so that it's on your side? How do you prepare yourself for the shifting seasons, and create loving balance in your life? This is where preparing your spirit comes into play.

I am all about balancing the trifecta of mind, body, and spirit. By setting your 4th quarter intentions, you will be setting yourself up for year-end success!

I call this Sunday's Soul Stretch the labor of love, because sometimes loving yourself takes work. It can be fun work though! Your being is constantly experiencing labor. Think of the birthing process. You are constantly expanding and contracting in order to grow into the best version of you. You experience this labor of love so that you can fulfill your life's purpose. But here's the key; rather than let life happen to you, you can make life happen. With a little foresight and elbow grease, you can live your life day by day with control and grace. 

Here is your labor (day) of love exercise. I want to you read this, and then take a couple of minutes to close your eyes.  Visualize the following scenario, and answer these questions honestly:

It's December 30th. The holidays are behind you, and New years eve is just around the corner:

  • Where are you?
  • Who are the people you want surrounding you?
  • Who are you happy you let go of in 2017.
  • What goals came to fruition? 
  • Are you meeting your career intentions? 
  • What did you try that didn't work?
  • What habit did you pick up that is serving your mind, body, and spirit?
  • What habit is degrading them?
  • How are you feeling about you on the inside?
  • How are you feeling about you on the outside?  

By projecting yourself into the future, you can see where the gaps are that need to be filled in. You still have time to reach your goals, and bring the things that are holding you back, into focus. Honestly, what is stopping you from being the person you visualize yourself to be at years end? This is an exercise that I use in my private practice, that often has outstanding rewards! 

Drop a comment below and let me know how this exercise works for you!