Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Hello Soul Stretcher!

Ask Kaitlin took a road trip this weekend, and California is having its biggest winter storm of the year. To say I saw 25 rainbows in the last two days is an understatement! Of course, I can't help but think of the countless times I watched my VSH tape of Wizard of Oz. "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" has been playing in my head on repeat! It's reminding me to dream again, to start looking to manifest the things I want in my life - to march forth into an existence of my wildest dreams! Because, why not?! 

We are the creators of our experience while here on earth! With help from universal superpowers (ie, God, Allah, Source, Universe, Divine Holy Spirit,- insert whatever term resonates with you), we can co-create a life that is fulfilling, joyous, and in harmony with our purpose. 

This is a two-fold process! First, you have to assess how you are feeling. Second, you have to assess how you are thinking

Let's examine how you are feeling, shall we?

In order to start dreaming to manifest, you have to reclaim your own internal personal power. Regardless what emotions you are experiencing in this NOW moment, you have to choose, right now, to shift into the highest most empowering version of yourself. Go inward and access the BEST, most amazing, feel-good thought you can muster. Maybe it's a happy memory? Perhaps it's a dream of something you want to happen? FEEL IT!! Let it sink into your bones. Breath deeply, and imagine that thought running through your bloodstream. Tap into this state of being several times a day. Make it a priority. Feel your mood begin to spiral upwards, from a state of pessimism to optimism. Blame gives way to forgiveness. Irritation shapeshifts into positive expectations. Overwhelmed slides into acceptance. Before you know it, joy is swirling through your circulatory system and filling up the billions of cells that make you...YOU!

Now, the dreaming process:

How are you thinking? Are you thinking about your existence, or are you just living it mindlessly? Are you a slave to monotonous to-do lists that play out in robotic consistency?

Side note: I'm reminded of an early Tom Hanks film, Joe Versus The Volcano.  Joe was diagnosed with a "brain cloud".  This death sentence gave him an opportunity to change his life and escape the drudgery of his doldrums. An unknown benefactor gifts him an all expenses paid trip of a lifetime.  Joe leaves behind his florescent lit factory job, for the open seas, to save an island from imminent volcanic destruction.  I highly recommend seeing this film, and keeping today's Soul Stretch in mind!

While I'm not your wealthy benefactor, I am offering to show you that there is another way of being while here on Earth! 

I have a friend back in Dallas. She used to marvel at how I was able to effortlessly manifest all the things I would write in my journal. She would jokingly call me a wizard, and begged me to purchase her the same journal I had. It wasn't until she pointed out the "magic" I was creating, did I realize that I was, in fact, manifesting exactly what I wanted to experience! Everything from travel experiences, my career goals, and even the type of boyfriend I wanted in my life. 

I now practice this manifestation exercise with friends and clients.! A "wizard journal" isn't a necessary ingredient. However, dropping negative beliefs, feelings of worthlessness or undeservedness, and lack mentality is a must! 

Grab your own journal and your favorite pen. Spend the next 15 minutes brainstorming your SPECIFIC desires. (BTW, This list could be on a paper tablecloth at your favorite cafe! The point is to use the power of your pen and get it out of you!) FEEL into them!  What would it feel like to have them? Try to avoid concentrating on what you don't have, can't have, what you think you don't deserve, or other people's judgments if you finally do get it. Those negative feelings and thoughts block your ability to create what you rightfully deserve to experience. The more quickly you work out the bugs in your brain, the more quickly you can swim in the good feelings that will actively create what you wish to experience! 

Get specific in your dream making!  For instance, when I was in my 20's in Texas, I was having a very difficult time finding a partner that resonated with who I was. I found the men to be more conservative in their beliefs and thinking than myself. There was more importance placed on monetary success than in compassion for others and the planet. As dating became more challenging, I instinctually grabbed my "wizard journal".  I delineated exactly what type of partner I believed would be beneficial to my growth process, and jotted everything down to the country of origin. Low and behold, he arrived a short time after. While this individual was not my life partner, he served a purpose on my soul's journey at that time! 

Try on this Soul Stretch! If you're feeling this is impossible, start with something small. Manifest that bottle of perfume you've been admiring, or that book you've been hearing about! (I have amazing stories where I both of these items magically appeared in my hands to enjoy!) See how you can weave this way of thinking and being into your life!  Obviously, this is a topic that can't be covered in a newsletter! This is me, holding out my hand, guiding you to get curious and start creating a life you really want. There are countless books written on the subject and a few that I've found to be particularly helpful.  See my list below which have helped guide me along my way. 

Happy Soul Stretching + manifesting!  


Recommended Reading

Ask And It Is Given - Esther & Jerry Hicks
E-Squared: Pam Grout
The Power Of Intention: Wayne Dyer


Love + Light

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