Sweet Surrender


Ask Kaitlin hit the road this week to far off places yet to be disclosed. This was a much-needed reprieve away from the everyday rhythms of my life.  I'm not here to give you my laundry list of stressors and to-do's, these are first world problems after all. However, my body lets me know, in sometimes not so subtle ways, that it needs a change of pace. When inner tenderness and compassion beg my attention, I intend to slow my roll and bow down to it! So, alas, I have departed my everyday normalcy and headed to calmer tides.

My main concern is that this email is actually going to make it to you, as the remoteness of my 5-star wi-fi connection may as well be considered a string and a tin can. Forget posting an episode of Soul Stretch Sunday!

(Thank you for your patience with that by the way!)

Allow me to share with you the wisdom that just hit me like a sack of bricks. Mind you, I have been gone exactly 32 1/2 hours and it took me 32.25 hours to get to this conclusion. Sighhhhhhhh....

I've just had my twisted muscles and my quilted knots wrung out of my body. At the beginning of my massage, I chose to set an intention. I could feel my laundry list of to-do's pulling my attention away from the present moment. I was not about to let the chaos of my city-mind override the potential for bliss, even if my life depended on it. And since I'm recovering from the flu, I feel this, albeit somewhat dramatic and emphatic declaration, holds true.


The woman, who I'll now deem as Mother Goddess Magical Hands, had a powerful touch. It was almost as though her hands summoned my mind, body, and spirit to release all of my chaotic and twisty energy to her.

The word that came to me as I was setting my intention for my massage was ...

S U R R E N D E R !

Just one simple word. When I felt the laundry list pop up, summoning my muscles to tense and my heart rate to increase, I simply returned to surrender.

If you're a novice to intention setting, let me give the quick lowdown on how and why it's imperative we do this. If we don't, our minds run on autopilot, asleep at the wheel, letting past experiences dictate present perceptions.

In other words, if we don't wake up and fly our own plane, we have the potential to crash at any given moment. When you are "awake", you are working your way to enlightenment (one who sees the light).

This is your S O U L  S T R E T C H !

When you set an intention, it's a tool that you give your mind to focus on. You can manifest and create your moment by moment existence to have a more positive outcome. YOU, darling Asker, are the director of your play! Or rather, the pilot of your flight! 

When flying through life, you can choose a word, a phrase, or a feeling, and use it as your guidepost. No, Mother Goddess Magical Hands is not a necessary component of this practice. Only returning to your original intention is needed.

Here are a few examples of intentions that you can silently repeat to yourself throughout your day:

  • I intend to speak kindly to myself today.
  • I intend on creating inner calm by taking 3 deep breaths every twenty minutes.
  • I intend on digitally detoxing for 36 hours this weekend. 
  • I intend on speaking my truth rather than people-pleasing today. 
  • When negative thoughts spiral, I intend on surrendering by choosing to relax my muscles. 

Back to surrendering - this is a massive act of courage. I can't tell you how many of my clients come to me with their fists gripped in fear. They want to control everything and everyone around them. 

With our work together, we are able to arrive at a place of calm, by surrendering to the illusion of control.  Because really nothing is under control, except how we intend to respond, moment by moment, to life's conundrums and circumstances. 

So, what is your next intention going to be? 

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Love + Light

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