Are You Vitamin-L Deficient?

Happy Mabon Soul-Stretcher!

Mabon is an ancient Pagan in tradition. It is when we officially wave goodbye to our bikini's (aka summer) and call on our Ugg's (aka autumn)!

On September 22nd, the Fall equinox showed up on our calendars, reminding us that this is a time of balance and reflection. This follows the theme of equal hours of lightness and darkness. 

Traditionally, this is when crops are harvested ushering in a time of feasting, celebrating bounty, and giving thanks. While our American tradition of Thanksgiving isn't for another 59 days (wtf?), there is a myriad of reasons to be in gratitude. Let's start with the fact North Korea hasn't gifted us a life-altering bomb.

I don't know about you, but I could use a news detox!

Back to the fall, of leaves that is...

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 1.11.08 PM.png

Living in Southern California, we don't have a typical winter. But having lived here for over 25 years, I can tell you, the seasons change and you can feel it in your bones! Even if everything is green, and it's 65 degrees outside. 

This is the season to go inward, and pay attention to the subtle shifts and signals in your body. In order to hone in on your needs, you need to get quiet. Take a hot bath, wrap up in soft fabrics, nourish your insides with healthy soups, sip warm lemon water, and nest in creature comforts. 

This, Soul-Stretcher, is self-love!

On this weeks episode of Soul Stretch Sunday, I give you a big dose of Vitamin-L. With practice, this LOVE pill is easy to swallow. 

When you are able to fully love yourself, you can then give an abundance of love to others! And then watch the kind of relationships and situations you attract!! 

It's a magic little pill, I tell ya! 

And remember, the self-love ritual becomes habitual!

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Love + Light

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