We Didn't Start The Fire
November 11th, 2018                                No. 99
Hello, Soul Stretcher!

I'm reporting to you from the edges of the Woolsey Fire, here in Southern California. We're safe. It's late. My family's home has evacuated with the help of six amazing firemen. They scoped out our property, determined to keep an eye on it, as it backs up to a large nature preserve. 

Yesterday, a dear friend was able to hop the barricades and check on the house. It's standing, untouched, although the preserve which backs up to our fence line is completely charred. 

Reports indicate that the Santa Ana's are picking back up sometime tonight, so the fight isn't over. 
I find it funny that last week I was writing to you about 'Operation: Optimism', not aware that I would really be practicing what I preach. I'm rereading my own words, taking them to heart. That newsletter rings true, more today than ever. 

Everywhere I turn, news outlets and social media posts are flooded with optimism. In Malibu, there are reports of people rallying together and acting as stand-in firefighters. Our heroic firefighting manpower is limited, as they're fighting the front lines in the mountains. 

Of course, the horrific mass shooting that occurred a mere 24-hours prior to the fires, has us all spinning. It's heartbreaking to see the devastated and shell-shocked families on the news.  We have to pull our efforts together and act as kind humans and love humankind. 

This Soul Stretch is about stretching ourselves to take actionable steps in making those human connections. 

Today's Soul Stretch

A quick Google search of "how to get happy" will lead you to find a handful of tools. Among them, inevitably will be to be of service to others. 

If you'd like to stretch your soul with me today, with a chance to feel some internal satisfaction, donate to the rescue efforts. Here is a list of charities I've vetted and support.

Resources & Donations
Borderline Shooting:
Go Fund Me - Victims Fund
Cody Coffman, 22 
Sean Adler, 48 
Sgt. Ron Helus, 54 
Alaina Housley, 18 
Dan Manrique, 33 
Justin Meek, 23 
Kristina Morisette, 20 
Telemachus Orfanos, 27 
Noel Sparks, 21 
Jacob Dunham, 21 
Blake Dingman, 21 
Mark Meza Jr., 20

BLOOD DONATION: Los Robles Hospital is in need of blood donors, especially those with O negative blood, for patients in critical condition.

Victims of Wildfires:
The Humane Society
The Salvation Army
The Little Love Rescue 
  - Los Angeles based rescue and rehabilitation
California Fire Foundation
Los Angeles Fire Dept. Foundation

Baby2Baby  - Dedicated to providing basic necessities to every child in need who are affected by the fires. 

If you're in the LA area, firefighters are in need of supplies directly. The Dollar Tree is a great option for the following:

Gallon Ziplock Bags
Eye Drops
Beef Jerkey
Energy Drinks
Gold Bond Powder
Granola Bars
Baby Wipes

Here's a wonderful resource for real-time updates: California Dept. Of Fire & Forestry Protection and sign up for Emergency Alerts here.

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We Didn't Start The Fire

This time a year ago,  I was reporting from Montecito and Santa Barbara. The Thomas Fire, followed by deadly mudslides, had everyone white-knuckled. It's hard to fathom we're here again. 

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