Your Spirit Animal

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Ello Mate!

How art thou this fine Sunday?

Summer kicked into high gear for me by skyrocketing temps, thus making it unbearable to step into the front yard.

And Houston, they have a problem! Now's the time to call in those favors from above. Say a little prayer, they need it. 

So, back to the topic at hand; What is a spirit animal and how do you get one? 

I've seen meme's pop up that have unicorns and rainbows dancing about with the word "spirit animal" attached in some way. It appears the social media influencers who drink their "rosé all day with salty hair and just don't care" approach to life, have glommed onto the spirit animal bandwagon. 

This trendy word is not so trendy. For eons, many cultures around the world have used animal totems to explain the unexplainable. 

When I was a little girl, my grandmother would pull me into her lap, and tell me tales of animals and their spiritual meanings. She would say things like, "Little doll, a change is in the air.

Now Asker, having grown up on The Never Ending Story, I was scared the Nothing was on its way. This wasn't the case. Grandmother would tell me how she found a large snake in her garden that morning, and how it represented transitions or a rebirth in life. It also could mean an ending, or a death was around the corner. 

From a very young age, my sage grandmother taught me about the energies of nature and how they danced with the spirit realm. She shed light on how if we pay attention, life propositioned us with ample opportunities to understand the subtleties’. You could then use this information as a guide map for your own emotional responses, and decision-making agendas. 

Growing up, I became increasingly interested in the psychological and spiritual approach to the way native American's would use animals to explain the unknown, unseen, and unexplainable.  I have come to learn and trust when certain animals appear on the regular, these are clear messages for me. 

Animal totems go by a variety of names. They are called spirit animals, power animals, totem helpers, and others. Regardless of how people refer to them, certain beliefs are common:

1.) Every animal has a powerful spirit. 

2.) The spirit may be its own, or that of a being who uses an animal image to communicate messages of the world to humans. 

3) Every animal has its own talents. A study of its talents will reveal the kind of medicine, magic, and power it can help you to develop within your own life.

It is also said that spirit animals are usually wild, and not domesticated. It is important to note that the animal chooses its human - not the other way around. *1  Remember, every animal has a specialty. It's important to open your eyes and see the influence of animals around you.

For instance, when dragonfly's in large numbers swarm about, seemingly out of the blue, I can trust a positive life transition is about to take place. These aren't minor or insignificant transitions for me. They symbolize major moves. 

When snakes slither into my life, this has come to represent an ending or a death, and a rebirth is about to take place. This has been experienced both metaphorically, and literally. 

Both of the above examples come once in a blue moon. But when I see these animals, I know there is a deeper message behind them. 

I recently encountered a slew of large poisonous spiders over a week's period of time. They were in different locations and climates. I called a dear friend of mine who is a shaman and asked her to help me decipher the totem meaning. She calmly warned me to be wary of a woman with a black widow like personality. Sure enough, I encountered her within a few days of having a black widow show up on my front porch (pictured below). This was an unusual location for such arachnoids’, as she would normally prefer to be off the beaten path, and in a dark safe place to lay her eggs. Not this one. She offered a clear warning. And when the human version of the black widow appeared, I was able to respond with grace and love, rather than react out of defense or fear. 

It is a rarity that we stop and pay attention to the energies of animals around us. Most of us live in concrete jungles where Uber, not lions, rule. 

Post industrial-revolution-consumerism has mopped us up into a fast-paced lifestyle. It's not "normal" to stop and connect with the energies of nature. 

What animals have come into your life? Have you ever questioned if it means something greater, beyond what meets the eye?

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Me with my copy of A Little Light On The Spiritual Laws, while enjoying a solo lunch! These 36 universal laws offer up suggestions for a life-path towards happiness. They are uplifting and accessible and the chapters are super quick. This is a great nightstand read before bed too! You can grab a copy HERE.