You're $O Money

May 12th, 2019                            No. 124

Howdy, Soul Stretcher!

Country artists wail that, "they ain't got none." Rap artist's boast that, "they're rolling in it", and millionaires write books telling you how to make it and grow it. I'm not talking about the "Green Rush" of the ever-growing cannabis industry. I'm talking about moula, Benjamins, dinero, scrilla, or in simple terms, cash.  

Money, it's funny, honey. 

This week, I dove head first into a money pit. Quite literally, actually. Here in LA, there is a pop up called Stack House, an Instagramable funhouse dedicated to playing with money. I climbed into the ring and boxed student debt, I rode a mechanical piggy bank, and I sipped rosé in the Gold Bar. All this fun was designed to bolster your financial wellbeing, and boost your literacy and confidence in all things money. 

Almost every Soul Stretch Sunday we discuss psychological, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. It dawned on me this week that we haven't explored our relationship to money. 

"It's impolite to discuss money", after all. Who wants to hear about student debt and maxed credit cards on a girls night out? This thought probably goes back to our parents who forbid us to talk about money along with sex and politics, says Carl Richards, author of The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money. But did you know that "we can actually save more by simply sharing our money goals with friends and professionals? Understanding your relationship to money should be top priority, as it has a direct impact on your mental and emotional health." 

Let's take a leap back in time to your childhood, shall we? How did you learn about money? Was it considered "evil", or was it a sin to covet it? How did your religion play a part? Did your parents struggle with mounting debt, stretching their interpersonal relationship to the max? Was it abundant, and you didn't have to worry about financial matters? What were your expectations around it? What did you learn in school or at home, if anything, about saving and spending? 

Believe it or not, financial wellness is just as much a part of your self-care practice as stress management, working out, and getting sound sleep. If you look at your month, how much of it is spent thinking, tracking, stressing, or worrying about finances? Bills, rent, your car, your insurances, whether or not you should splurge on the $18 avocado toast and reiki session post Soul Cycle? How much negativity accumulates in your cells, based on your financial anxiety? 


It's high time to set your money goals higher! Below are some resources to jump-start your piggy bank, and making the money train reign.

Does your current self-care practice include consolidating and paying down your debt, or saving for an epic adventure? How do you budget, manage, splurge, or indulge? Does your relationship to money mirror the lyrics of a sad country song, or defiant rap tune?

Ask yourself, are you drawn to that sale rack item merely because it's 40% off, or do you really need it?
It's time to start thinking in terms of financial mindfulness. When you have your eyes on a prize, such as an amazing tropical adventure in Punta Mita, practice mindful spending prior to your departure date. Ask yourself the question, "Do I really need this?" Or, "will this now expense take away from my future goal?" 

It's easy to leak money on the little things, as most of us don't pay attention to the accumulation of $5 Starbucks, $30 manicures, and 40% off espadrilles. 

Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University, believes this to be one of our biggest money mindset challenges. “We probably think a lot before we spend on something big, but we don’t focus on the small payments, like restaurants." 
  • Go on a cash diet - allot yourself a set, weekly, cash allowance. If you go over, too bad
  • Cut cable, switch to streaming (Netflix, Hulu, or Roku)
  • Drop your gym membership - sign up for ClassPass
  • Coupons & Groupons
  • Green juice and matcha lattes at home
  • Borrow magazines from friends or the nail salon
  • Cook more by using these great cookbooks here, here and here
  • Make your own avocado toast with this amazing recipe
  • Host a clothes exchange with friends. Swap your old rags for new threads!

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"Financial wellness is more than just a balanced budget. It's having a healthy, can-do mindset. It's about self-care and self-love and letting go of baseless doubts."
                                                                                [Stacks House]
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"I've got my mind on my money, and my money on my mind."  [Snoop Dog, "Gin & Juice"]
 "ca$sh, money, hoe's" 

Love + Light,


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