1.) What types of issues do you deal with?                                                              This is something that is personal for each client I work with. I offer a safe space to discuss issues around anxiety, depression, disordered eating, self harm, acculturation, and phase of life transitions, grief and loss, heartbreak/divorce, self discovery, along with life's goals and overall purpose. The common goal is to achieve a level of thriving through balance. 

2.) I live in another state/country than you, but I love the kind of counseling you provide! Can we still work together?                                                                      We absolutely can work together. As a coach I connect with clients all over the globe via teleconferencing and by phone. 

3.) Do you work with children or teenagers?                                                            Yes! I have several years experience working with both groups, as well as adults!

4.)Should I book more than one appointment or will one will be enough?
While not necessary, multiple months are recommended as big shifts take time!

5.) Where can I see the terms of your coaching packages?
Once you initiate contact with your new coach, you will be emailed the waiver and disclaimer. This will also be discussed in your initial consultation. 

6.) Where are you located?                                                                                   For Los Angeles based clients there is a convenient office on the West Side with beautiful unobstructed views of the Santa Monica Mountains. For Santa Barbara clients, arrangements can be made for meeting at your convenience (a travel charge of $25 will be included in fee).