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I'm a lover of humans and their stories, a writer, a photographer, and a co-creator in helping you get what you need to have a life you want.
I am your LIGHT coach!

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Want to Know More About Me?

What the heck is a LIGHT coach? Great question! I'm not a life coach, as I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, however, I don't like to categorize and pigeonhole personalities. So, I’ve created a program that marries Western psychology and Eastern philosophy, along with a dash of spirituality. This [w]holistic approach to mental, physical, and spiritual wellness is the trifecta that brings clarity, peace, and balance into your everyday life. Although my approach to treatment is primarily cognitive/behavioral, I integrate positive psychology and humanistic psychology into our work. My objective is to shine light on your dark shadowy parts, so that your TRUE self can become blindingly bright!

Kaitlin Robinson is your Light Coach from Los Angeles California. Helping you achieve inner peace through her coaching sessions.

Looking to Garner More How-To Wisdom's?

Tune into Ask Kaitlin TV for insights, stories, advice, and interviews. Grab a pen and a journal and you'll be asked to stretch and grow on this journey with me! It's raw, open, vulnerable and real. I share life's ups and downs and offer up creative fix-it's to get through the stormiest of days.

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Your Life Matters to Me!

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Nothing to Lose. Only YOU to gain!

Through my transformational videos or private one-on-one sessions, you have an opportunity for us to go on a journey together. We can co-create lasting inner peace, skyrocket your confidence, flatten your inner critic, blast out your fears, and grow more with love. I've created an adventure designed to boost your thoughts on the stormiest of days. You'll be able to step out into the world with your light on. You'll experience a life filled with compassion and solidarity in your soul. We will get to uncover the shadows that block you from feeling confident, whole, and on purpose.

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