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Kaitlin Robinson, a Light Coach from Los Angeles that can help you achieve inner peace through her coaching sessions and Youtube series

How I Can Help You

By walking alongside you and helping you unveil the shadows that prevent you from shining blindingly bright, you'll deepen your connection to your true self as we uncover the clutter preventing you from living a more authentic and happy life. Whether you need guidance with finding your inner peace, skyrocketing your confidence, flattening your inner critic or growing more with love, I'm here for you. Together, we will get to uncover the shadows that block you from feeling confident, whole, and on purpose.


Kind Words

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Coaching Packages


Find Clarity

  • Gain some clarity and feel the lightness of your being
  • 1 - 50 Minute Counseling Session

Step Into Your Power

  • 20 Minute Initial Phone Consult
  • 4 - 50 Minute Counseling Session Over 1 Month
  • Book + Resource Recommendations


  • 1 - 90 Minute Eco-Immersion Session
  • Loving Accountability
  • Mindfulness Integration
  • Personalized Tool Kit
  • Guidance Emails After Session

Designing Your Life

  • 20 Minute Initial Phone Consult
  • 8 - 50 Minute Counseling Sessions Over 2 Months
  • 2 - 15 Minute phone Check - Ins
  • Loving Accountability
  • Guidance Emails After Sessions
  • Book + Resource Recommendations
  • Personalized Tool Kit - Includes growth exercises, spiral up tools, mind and body exercises, personal affirmations, and exploratory release work
  • Unlimited Email Support Between Sessions

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